A slower day with no position changes

The market traded slightly up today ; starting the morning with a small down move.

Opening chart:
opening market snap shot
The move wasn’t enough to close any positions at 50% max profit. By the closing bell things settled down finishing with a small gain over all.

Closing chart:
closing snapshot of market
 My portfolio lost $1 in value today and as a total is up $2. Meaning I could close all (6) positions for $2 profit (not counting fees.)

Current portfolio snap shot:
portfolio snap shot for April 6th 2017
Note the Theta on  the QQQ position this is because the options I sold expire in 15 days. All other positions expire 43 days.

Lets review my QQQ position..
I sold the $133 call and bought the $134 call. I collected $30 and used $70 in buying power, setting a ceiling price at $133.30. If the stock stays below that break even price until expiration then they would expire worthless and I would make $30 profit and the $70 buying power would be released back into my account as usable. Plan on closing this out at 50% max potential profit of $15.

The break even is the strike price of the option I sold, $133 plus the credit I received $30.

This trade was initiated on March 14th, 23 days ago.

Risk Graph for QQQ’s

risk graph QQQ

You can see the max profit of $30 and max loss of $70 – the white dot is the current price and the blue vertical lines represent 1 and 2 stand deviation moves.