Options Portfolio Update – Sold (to close) GLW – Winner

Today was a down day in the market for most of the day. This enabled me to close out my GLW position for very close to my target of 50% max profit.

Stats for the trade.
Duration: 21 days
Credit: $31
Buying power reduction: $69
Profit: $14
Fees: $2.58
Profit after fees: $11.42
Profit as a percentage of buying power reduction: 16.5% over 21 days.

Closed for a total of 45% of max profit before fees. Below you can see the option chain..

option chain for GLW 4-12-17

Net liquidation is now $967 with $677 available buying power. That’s 70% available buying power.

I now have only 4 positions left open with 37 days left until expiration.

My option positions for 4-12-17

These 4 positions are collecting $111 dollars in premium and have a 72% chance of success – with 37 days remaining.

I’ll be doing a monthly portfolio recap post on April 20th.