Options Portfolio Update – TLT – Winner

I was able to close another position today. I left on my ‘good till cancelled’ order to buy back my TLT position for roughly 50% of max profit. When I got around to checking the portfolio this morning the trade had taken place and profit was made.

14% return over the buying power reduction, 16 days..

Here is the option chain..

TLT option chain 4-13-17 winner

Stats for the trade.
Duration: 16
Credit: $25
Buying power reduction: $75
Profit: $12
Fees: $2.58
Profit after fees: $10.42
Profit as a percentage of buying power reduction: 14% over 16 days.

The portfolio now has only (3) positions

portfolio overview

Collecting $86 dollars in premium with a 75% of probability. I now have $992 net liquidation value and $764 available in buying power ~ 70%.

net liquidation and buying power 4-13-17

I believe Monday is when the June contracts come into 60 days, then I’ll have a 15 day window to add more trades. Next Thursday the 20th will be my first monthly recap.