Options Portfolio Update – Opened XOP – sideways market

The market opened sideways for the most part – then the DOW started a downward trend. Here is how the market looked at 10:30am

sideways open 4-19-17

Here is how the market closed

end of market 4-19-17

I opened a position in XOP – an oil and gas ETF. I opened the -33/32 put spread for $23 at the time of opening – This was because at the time of the trade it had a lot better odds – throughout the day XOP continued to tumbled down.

Here is the opening order chain..

xop chain 4-19-17

Here is a graph showing the floor I set.

xop open 4-19-17

Feels like I chased this one – 1) cause of the low premium collected and 2) cause I know that I sat there and watched it ‘work’ and moved the bid down..

Here is a view of my total positions at the close of the bell.

total portfolio view 4-19-17

You can see my portfolio chance of success has dropped to 51%, this is do to the fact that when I added DELTA it came with some downside risk – below you can see my risk graph with and without my positive DELTA positions

Without Delta positions – wins with SPY below $240

risk graph without delta positions

With Delta positions – Current risk graph – Wins with spy above $220 and below $240

risk graph with all positions

On a different note – my deposit hit the account – here is my net Liquidation and Buying Power Available:

net liquidation and buying power - 4-19-17

I have 7 positions collecting $198 using around $495

My target collection is $315, using $630 – $945 buying power.

I have about 13 days left in the window of expiration I prefer (45-60 days).