Option Portfolio Update – No position changes

The market opened with a whimper of a movement. I had no changes in positions. Since yesterday I released the first portfolio 320 monthly update I figured I would post today and share the current portfolio.

market open 4-21-17

Ending up slightly down.

market after close 4-21-17

The current portfolio consists of 7 positions; These 7 positions are collecting $198 in premium. The current value is less $31.50 than the 198 I sold it for. Today as is to be expected the portfolio had minimal movement +$1.50.

Here is every position open with all the Greeks I monitor

all positions in my options portfolio 4-21-17

I’m trying to collect $312 in credit so I need to add about $114 in more premium in the next 12 days.

I’m starting to gather a list of ETFs and stocks I like to trade.