Option Portfolio Update – Closed 1 winner – Sideways is okay!

I’ll never complain about a sideways market open again! At least until the next time I do complain 🙂

The market around 9:40 am

market open 4-26-17

and how the market closed.

market closed - 4-26-17

I was finally able to take off my last trade in May’s monthly cycle. It had 23 days left. EWW took 30 days as a trade to collect 50% maximum profit.

eww closing winning trade - 4-26-17

One cool thing I noticed is that I was actually filled 2 cents better than my trade. My trade was for .28 in premium and I got filled at .30

Here are the trade stats:
Buying power reduction:
Profit after fees:
Profit as a percentage of buying power reduction:
18% in 30 days

Tomorrow is a big day for earnings and we’ll see what happens.. the cool part is that no one knows. I need to think about how quickly I built up this cycle; perhaps spacing out entry would’ve been smarter. At least for core positions like DIA and SPY perhaps it’s smarter enter them at least days apart if not a full 5 day week.

I also need to transition to $2 wide widths on the verticals – I’d rather have 6 $2 wide positions than 12 $1 wide positions. This current cycle has 51 days left until expiration meaning I have 6 days left of entering new positions (for my particular strategy and liking). So next Tuesday is the last entering day for me ~ hopefully by then the portfolio has settled into a more profitable outlook 🙂

Here is every position I have on and their greeks.

all my option positions 4-26-17

The Risk graph of all the positions weighted against the SPY

risk graph 4-27-17

Risking $405 in buying power, collecting $295 in premium.

The Net Liquidation and buying power of the account

net liquidation - 4-27-17