Options Portfolio Update – No position changes – down day

The market opened sideways but I was hurt by my 2 OIL positions and the QQQ’s.

Market Open.

Market Open 4-27-17

The market closed slightly up. The portfolio lost $23 in value today and is down an even $100 so far in value.

The VIX dropped even more – I would guess it is as low as possible; but I thought that the last 2 or 3 days. Vix is the ETF that measures volatility – volatility is the expectation of the movement size of the market. Volatility also controls the premium on options – right now it’s hard to collect 1/3 the width of the strikes in a vertical with volatility being so low – it’s a ‘tough’ market to sell premium in to say the least.

I broke a mechanic today – by letting the QQQ’s go beyond 100% of premium loss. Tomorrow I will fix this by closing the position losing an extra $7-$10 in the process.

Here is my complete portfolio at close.

total options portfolio 4-27-17

My net liquidation and buying power.

net liquidation and buying power for my options portfolio 4-27-17

There are 50 days left in June’s monthlys and Tuesday of next week should be close to where I stop opening positions until July comes into the 60-45 day range.