Portfolio Update – Closing the QQQ’s

Today I closed my QQQ position as a full loser+

qqq losing option position close 4-28-17

Stats for the trade.
Duration: 11
Credit: $29
Buying power reduction: $71
Profit: $-37
Fees: $2.58
Profit after fees: -$39.58
Profit as a percentage of buying power reduction: -55%

After closing my second loser – the rest of the portfolio is looking better but still mediocre with only one trade being profitable.

Here is every position.

options blog portfolio - all positions - 4-28-17

I plan on opening 1-2 positions by the end of Tuesday next week. So far I have a 1-2 record for this month – losing about $68 in realized losses this cycle; I have on 10 positions collecting $266 in premium – but those positions are showing a loss of $46.50 compared to the premium collected.

This looks to be a challenging trading cycle and I’m looking to break even or lose very little.

Here is the account Net Liquidation and Buying power:

options net liquidation and buying power 4-28-17

Risk Graph:

stock option risk graph