Options Portfolio Update: Sideways market – Small Portfolio Gain

Today the market opened slightly up – then spent the majority of the day slightly down. Of course like a moody teenager it feels like lately the market towards the end of the day comes to it’s senses and does the opposite of what it was doing for the earlier part of the day..

1 day market summary graph - 5-2-17

I read a headline today that told me ‘The market is sitting on it’s hands cause it wants to hear the Federal Reserve minutes from their meeting in 2 days’. My question is why couldn’t they have written this article yesterday, even three days ago? The answer is because they needed to see what the market did then make their headline – and probably the article match what the market did. This is simply 20/20 hindsight.

The option portfolio ended the day up $11 more valuable than it was yesterday. Overall the 11 open positions are still down $68 from what I sold them for.

Options Portfolio Positions:

all option positions 5-2-17

Options Portfolio Risk Graph:

optionis portfolio risk graph 5-2-17

Net Liquidation and Buying Power:

net liquidation and buying poweor 5-2-17