Options Blog – Portfolio Update – Closing a Winner TLT

The market had a rebound from yesterday – although it wasn’t a full recovery. Below is a 5 day chart for the overall market.

5 day stock market overview chart - 5-18-17

Today I woke up and my GTC (good ’till canceled) order to buy back my TLT spread for 50% of maximum profit had executed at 2 minutes after the opening bell. Here is the TLT winner and stats.

TLT winner - 5-18-17

Duration: 24
Credit: $27
Buying power reduction: $73
Profit: +$13
Fees: $2.58
Profit after fees: $10.42
Profit as a percentage of buying power reduction: 14.2%

That brings this cycle’s record to 4 winners and 5 losers; Down -$151 (-7.7%) over the high water mark. Tomorrow is the last day of the cycle and I report on May 20th. This will be my second report.