Options Portfolio Monthly Recap – 4-21 thru 5-22-17

I experienced my first down month. I was hoping it wouldn’t come so quickly but the experience like all others is something to learn from.

TL;DR: 10 trades, 5 winners 5 losers, -$162.42 (-8.35%) in Net Liquidation, -$115.80 (-5.95%) in Premium collection over last Net Liquidation.

On March 20th the net liquidation was $1945.67
On April 20th the net liquidation is $1783.25
Loss: -$162.42
% change from previous Net Liq: -8.35%

The data is below:
*this data is missing 2 earnings trades as I deposited the losses incurred and decided playing earnings with this size account is moronic. See more details in this post: Trading Earnings with Options

Portfolio Monthly Recap - Losing Month 4-21 thru 5-20-17

  • Net liquidation isn’t perfect cause of current losses still open in the portfolio.

Changes in trading style – Moving to at least $2 wide verticals and avoiding earning plays – also being a bit ‘less wrong’.

Thanks for following and reading I appreciate all feedback which you can leave on the Reddit/Options post I made.

Quick view of options positions and Net Liquidation and Buying Power:

5-22-17 All Positions and Greeks - Options Portfolio

Net Liquidation and Buying Power 5-22-17