Options Blog – Closing Target a Winner & Opening MSFT, FXE, EWZ

Today I opened my first trades of the 3rd cycle, 5-21 thru 6-20-17. I was also able to close TGT a winner.

TGT Options Trade:  Closing Trade

Closing TGT Winner 5-23-17

Trade Stats:
Duration:  6 days
Credit: $50
Buying power reduction: $200
Profit: +$25
Fees: $2.58
Profit after fees: $22.42
Profit as a percentage of buying power reduction: 11.2%

I opened a $70 / $72.50 call spread for $75 with a 67% chance of profit.

microsoft Options Trade - 5-23-17

I also opened $108 / $106 put spread for $51. This position creates a Iron Fly to help defend against the losing put vertical. Here is how the position looks now numbers and then the risk graph

FXE Iron Fly - 5-22-17

FXE Iron Fly Risk Graph:

FXE iron fly risk graph 5-23-17

I opened a $33 / $31 put spread in EWZ for $64 with a 64% change of profit

EWZ Put Spread 5-23-17

That’s closing 1 winner (TGT) and opening 3 new positions (EWZ, FXE and MSFT)

Today I brought in $190 premium and locked in $22 in profit. That’s the kind of active trading day I like.  The portfolio now has 5 positions open with 24 days left to expire (June Monthlys) and 2 now open in the 59 day left to expire (July Monthlys)

Options Blog – Portfolio positions and greeks.

options portfolio and greeks 5-23-17 - options blog

Options Portfolio – Portfolio Overall Risk Graph:

overall options portfolio risk graph

I’m collecting $323 premium and carrying a loss of $76 of which most is in the front month.  $323 is just about perfect for my premium collection target – but I have too many positions in the front month; I need to be mechanical with the front month and collect about $130 more in premium for the back month.

I’m definitely aiming for a positive month; Still trying to hit that 4% per month goal return on Net Liquidation.