Options Blog – Opening SBUX Call Spread

Today I opened a Starbucks Call Spread. I sold the $62.50 July call and  bought the $65.00 July call for a net credit of $65. These contracts have 58 days to expiration.

sbux call spread 5-24-17

sbux call spread - with expected move in orange

The orange bar represents the expected move. Within a few hours of making the trade Starbucks gained $.65-.70 and the trade closed down $17.50

Options Portfolio Overview with Greeks (Delta, Theta and Vega)

options portfolio overview with greeks - 5-24-17

Options net liquidation and Available Buying Power

net liquidation and buying power 5-24-17

I have collected $240 so far in the back month’s cycle and I’m looking to collect about $90 more (about 2 more positions) .. I’ll also collect a bit more if some of the 6 positions remaining in the front month can be closed.