Options Portfolio Update 5-21 thru 6-20 – a winning month

I have been slacking lately in updating; However here is the month long update. This Options Portfolio Recap goes from May 21 until the close of market June 20th.

I had 6 winners and 3 losers for a total profit after fees of $57 – $75. It is very hard to calculate going back.. which emphasizes the need to  keep up to date.

The easiest way to calculate the profit was to measure from the last Net Liquidation, $1783.25 to the new liquidation $1799.10 and add back in the current portfolio losses (since these aren’t losers remaining from the last portfolio). The current portfolio is down $63.50 and the net liquidation is up $5.85 so when you add them together I’ve gained $69.35 which is right in the middle of my 57-75 range above.

Here is a chart that shows the account recovering although since it’s based on net liquidation and the portfolio  is currently down about as much as my gains it only shows a slight improvement


Here is my current portfolio

options portfolio 6-20-17

Current net liquidation and available buying power.

net liquidation and buying power 6-20-17

I ended up gaining 3-4% return over the last net liquidation of $1,783 it just doesn’t show cause I’m carrying a loss in the current portfolio. 4% is my target performance and that is great.

I’m  also changing one bit of strategy. I am no longer cutting my losers at 100% of premium. I am going to let most plays ‘play out’ and make tough decisions starting at around 21 days to expire left. I am still taking my winners at 50% of max profit.

The reasoning is that when I enter a trade with 70% of success it’s really only 70% ‘in that moment’ and that 70% includes all the trading days of the contract. So when I was cutting losers at 100% of premium I wasn’t really giving them time to work.

The new strategy is basically to go at least $2 – $3 wide still collecting 1/3 the width of the strikes. This makes a 70% POP (percentage of profit / success) trade a real 70% and since I’m managing at 50% the likely hood of winners goes even higher, plus I can when managing at 50% flip my capital over more often then letting the trades expire.