Options Blog Portfolio Update – 2 new opening positions BA and QQQ

Today I opened 2 new positions. I opened a call spread against Boeing (BA) and a Iron Condor in QQQ.

I sold the 205/207.5 call spread in Boeing for $60, with a max loss of $190.

Here is the stock chart for the last 30 days with my break even marked with a blue line.

boeing 3 month graph with my break even 6-21-17

and here is the fill for the order.

boeing call spread - fill - 6-21-17

Here is the 30 day chart with my lower and upper break evens for the QQQ iron condor.

qqq iron condor on a 30 day chart 6-21-17

Here is the fill for the order

qqq iron condor fill - 6-21-17

Those are the trades for the day. The open options portfolio lost $31.50 in value today mostly ($22) in XOP as gas and oil continue to be punished.

Here is the account’s net liquidation and buying power + risk graph

Option Portfolio Net Liquidation:

option portfolio net liquidation and buying power available 6-21-17

Options Blog Positions and Greeks:

all positions and greeks - option blog - options portfolio 6-21-17

Options Trading Risk Graph beta weighted to SPY

option risk graph beta weighted to the SPY

The current portfolio is collecting $453 with 7 open positions. The options portfolio is currently carrying a loss of $100