Options Update – 2 days, Opening DIA and good portfolio performance

This post covers today (no position changes) and yesterday (6-26-17, one opening trade).

Yesterday a few minutes after market open my portfolio was down about $30. Mainly based on SPY and BA going against my position.

opening bell positions and vaule change

Around 9am my option portfolio was down $40 dollars in value for the day and down $90 overall. At this point I thought ‘hopefully this sharp down move will do what the market has seemed to do the last 60 days and end up either back at $0 or slightly reverse in the last hour of the day’.

The portfolio actually reversed early and sharply to being positive $48 for the day. Here it is at 11am

sharp reversal 6-27-17

I also opened the 217219 call spread for August 53 days away for $61. This makes my break even $217.61

DIA 217-219 call spread

The ceiling was almost off the top of the 3 month chart (blue line).

dia call spread chart 217-219

Here is how the portfolio ended up yesterday; +$82.50

end of 6-26-17 day great gain

I think it was one of my best days from the portfolio value gained perspective.

I was +$7 at 8:59, +$4 at 10:49 and ended the day up $50.

Now the options portfolio is collecting $514 in credit from 7 of the 8 positions; We have 1 debit spread in FXE with a long time work

Here is my current positions and greeks.

portfolio and greeks 6-27-17

Net liquidation and Buying Power:

net liquidation and buying power 6-27-17