Options Portfolio Update – Closing MSFT winner opening TLT Iron Condorm USO Debit Spread – Accidental Fat Fingered open

This post is catching up for 7-6 thru 7-7

I ended up closing my MSFT 70/72.5 call spread for a small winner. I gave it plenty of time to work (45 days) and it was going back and forth against me. Since it only had 15 days left I didn’t want to be caught holding a loser instead of taking a small winner when I could

msft small winner 7-8-17

Stats on this small winning option trade [MSFT]:

Duration:  45
Credit: 75
Buying power reduction: $175
Profit: $11
Fees: $2.58
Profit after fees: +$8.42
Profit as a percentage of buying power re`56tduction: +4.8%

I also opened a TLT iron condor.

Here is the fill:

TLT open iron condor 7-8-17

$4 wide and collecting $146 with 43 days until expiration. Max loss is total width minus credit received so $354. The break evens are 126.46 to the upside and 119.54 to the downside.

Opened a small debit spread on USO. Bought the 9 call and sold the 10 call for $35 debit. My break even is $9.35 and max profit would be $65

Here is the USO chart with the break even floor marked.

uso chart 7-8-17

I was looking to get back against FXE via a debit spread; however I accidentally didn’t double check the expiration dates; I ended up with this turd of a trade. I like the strikes and price – but it’s only for 14 days – I plan on getting rid of it Monday for a small loss and seeing what the premium might be for the strikes I want.


Here is my current open portfolio

current open portfolio 7-8-17

Net liquidation and buying power available.

net liquidation and buying power 7-8-17

Bonus Update! Here are my closing trades since 6-21 (start of this new cycle) it’s looking great as long as I don’t blow it up with the remaining open positions.

closing trades so far 7-8-17