Options Portfolio Update – closing 1 loser opening 1 debit spread

Today I closed Boeing as a loser. Boeing breached my strike price and was only 10 days away from expiration. Too much risk for my appetite so I took a $60 loser.

Boeing Option Chain – Closing the loser.

closing boeing a loser - 7-11-17

Boeing options – Trade Stats

Duration:  20 days
Credit: 60
Buying power reduction: $190
Profit: -$60
Fees: $2.58
Profit after fees: -$62.58
Profit as a percentage of buying power reduction: -33%

Considering the max loss was $190 losing $60 wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. I looked into re-opening a position in the back month but for the strikes I’d want they only had $10 wide options.

I also opened a FXE debit spread. I usually avoid debit spreads I prefer to sell premium.

FXE Option trade

FXE debit spread open 7-11-17

I took this ‘bet’ cause it costs $25 for a potential max profit of $175 – that’s a 7:1 pay off ration. The odds are 23% to make any profit. I’m looking to take this trade off at about 25% of max profit .. about $44 profit.

The account shows a loss of $14.50 – Below you can see every open position and their greeks.

option positions and greeks 7-11-17

Here is my net liquidation and available buying power.

net liquidation and buying power - options 7-11-17