Options Portfolio – Monthly Recap 3-20 thru 4-20-17

TL;DR – 7 winners, 0 losers +$43.31 (+4%) in Net Liq or  +$79.94(+8%) in premium collected

Today I’m reporting my first Options Monthly Report. I’m not exactly sure what is the most honest method of report return is. So I use the 2 methods below.

How I calculate my returns.

Net Liquidation Change: This method is where I take the starting Net liquidation on March 20th and compare it to April 20th. This number is really genuine – Asking “What Money can walk away with if I close all positions and walk away?”

On March 20th the net liquidation was $902.36
On April 20th the net liquidation is $945.36
Gain: $43.31
% change from previous Net Liq: 4.7%

Premium Collected / Previous Net Liq: This method just shows return (premium collected: $79.94) as a percentage of the previous net liquidation ($902.36)
Premium Received or Loss vs Last Net Liquidation:
Number of Trades: 7
Premium collected: $79.94
Premium / Previous net Liq: 8.8%

The data is below showing all trades, images of the starting and ending net liquidation.

All 7 closing trades:

option portfolio monthly recap closing trades

All trades on 4-21 and after will go on the report for April 21st thru May 20th.

This is a great cycle, lucky, fortunate – I expect to have losers of course.