Trading Earnings – What is a earnings report?

Public companies are required to report their earnings once per a quarter. These reports can have a impact on the stock prices which in turn impact option prices.

Implied Volatility usually rises around earning reports – if you’re option expiration date falls after a earnings report you’ll more volatility during that option cycle. Some people like to make ‘earnings plays’ where they buy or sell short dated options around a earnings report. This strategy is usually very close to a 50/50 bet and the effect is very binary.

My current strategy involves higher probability strategies and longer duration positions.

How to find earning dates:
It’s important to know the date of a company earnings – this way you make sure you get the position you intended with the optimal duration.

use this URL from Nasdaq and see the next earnings date

You can use this link : Check Earnings Date┬áthen you can change the URL after the ‘/’ to whatever stock symbol you want..